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ICT Purchases CentreICT Purchases Centre

The ICT service offers you a complete range of services for all your ICT-related purchase needs:

  • For all your needs, we offer consultation on standard equipment and for custom articles, possibilities, suppliers, and the best prices by the Ticket system with category 'Purchases ICT'
  • If you need defective existing hardware replaced (such as keyboard or mouse), please create a helpdesk ticket with category 'hardware' instead.

Our ICT Purchases expert Cédric CLÉMENT helps you gladly with all your questions. Please create a ticket with category 'Purchases ICT

Who can make purchases?

Purchases should be initiated by persons who have the necessary budgetary authority to approve costs in Artio. If you don't have such an authority, you can still consult the ICT service for the possibilities and for the prices, but your superior with the budgetary authority will have to make and approve the final order.

How to make purchases?

For all standard items and specific items, i.e. everything from special software to audiovisual equipment or dedicated servers, contact the ICT Purchases Centre via tickets. We look for you, which possibilities exist, through which suppliers and for which prices. You must then indicate your choice clearly with the information, on which cost centre the order can be invoiced. Please indicate also clearly to whom the items are destined.

In both cases, you will shortly receive a purchase order in Artio for you to sign. After signing, you simply wait until the ICT Helpdesk contacts you to inform that the items have arrived and to agree on a time to install or deliver them. The delivery times depend on the different suppliers and their stock situation. For the standard items which arrive via standard federal supplier, the usual waiting time is from 1 to 4 weeks after the purchase order is fully approved in Artio. For custom items and custom suppliers, please ask the ICT Purchases Centre for an estimate.

Centralized PC renewals

From 2017 onward, all the computers of the employees of the institute will be automatically replaced when they become 5 years old by the means of a centralized mass-purchase. In order to prepare this, the service leaders were asked in 2016 to indicate a profile for each employee. These profiles are: basic user, mobile user, power user, graphics specialist, desktop user and custom. In order to stimulate working at home, the future default computer of basic users will be a laptop with a docking station.

Every user will be provided centrally with one computer only (a laptop or a desktop) and with one screen only. It remains possible to order second screens, additional laptops, tablets, etc. but these will have to be financed from the local budgets of the service requesting them. Some profiles, where the daily tasks do not include working with a computer, do not receive a personal workstation. These colleagues keep using the shared desktops of their teams. The centralized replacements do not concern PCs used by interns or voluntary workers. These machines need to be purchased separately based on the need.

The central purchases will take place as one major order in May-June. Due to the complex financial construction behind this purchase, it is not possible to get the new computer earlier or later. The Helpdesk will start the installations immediately after the machines have been delivered, but especially on site Vautier, it will take up to a couple of months before all the new machines have been installed to their final users. 

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Make a new ICT Purchase

  Make all requests by tickets 'Purchases ICT'

Purchase procedure

Place order via ticket.

Confirm order in Artio.

Wait for delivery.

ICT Helpdesk installs/delivers your ordered equipment/software.